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Ragdoll Kittens

Reserve Your Ragdoll Kittens at Our Boutique Cattery

Are you looking for your next furry friend and dream of a large, fluffy kitten with baby blue eyes? At ElleRagdolls, we breed the very best ragdoll kittens right here in Florida. Ragdolls are known as sweet tempered oversized love muffins, weighing up to 20 lbs at mature weight with silky medium-long coats. They love to lounge around on your carpets and couches and often become seriously attached to their pet parents. Our litters always sell out early or even before birth! Make sure to apply today.

Hand-Raised in Our Homes for a More Cuddly Kitty
We have eight separate locations where our ragdoll cats and kittens live in a luxurious home while they receive the very best love and care. We never cage our cats and kittens, so they grow up knowing that their humans are there to provide every possible comfort. Our breeding program has six queens and two princesses. We are constantly seeking to improve the breed by carefully selecting the fathers through other registered ragdoll breeders. You adopt a happy, healthy, and beautiful ragdoll kitten ready for the show ring or as a loving pet.

Apply Early for the Color Point of Your Choice
Since we have such an extensive breeding program, we always have a variety of patterns and colors available. When you have a particular ragdoll cat look in mind, make sure to call us and ask which queen is most likely to produce a color point, mitted, or van. All of our kittens stay with their mothers for a full twelve weeks, so they are fully socialized and ready for becoming part of your family.

Are you living in an area other than Florida? We can deliver your ragdoll kitten to you with additional delivery fee, airplane flight tickets, and an agreed upon schedule. We do not ship our kittens via a commercial carrier, ever.

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