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Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Sapphire Grade - $5,997

Parents: Adonis Blue and Queen Foxy Jane

Caregiver: Royal Gabriela, Hialeah, Florida  

AGE: 12 weeks old




This man is exactly what we like to call 'endless snuggles'. If you have been longing for big teddy bear cuddles than Rocky was born for you. Since birth he has been the biggest from all of his other siblings. Queen Foxy Jane is known for her LARGE TEDDY BEAR Elle-kittens, and with this litter her amazing genetics pull through. 

Rocky loves being the alpha and is the total leader of the pack. When it comes to his overall quality you can see just how perfect he is. His coloring is simply flawless and those deep blue eyes literally steal your heart. Rocky was actually born with a birth-mole on the sides of his mouth making him look like he is continuously smiling. Birth-moles are just like when us humans have them. Each are harmless and just show a little extra character. His Royal Caregiver Gabriela named him Dipples because of them.

Chewy adored him on set because he was always ready for the camera!

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