q u e e n   c h a m p a g n e 

valentine's  litter 2021





READY: Valentine's Day 

QUEEN Champagne coco chanel 

It's happened and it's exactly the exciting news that you've been waiting for. 

Welcome our Summer Litter! 

Born 11-23-20

Queen Champagne has given birth to 5 fluffy bundles of complete perfection. This elegant Queen is known for her Diamond Status kittens who can be found all around the world. Her Valentines Day litter will be her final litter before she retires.

Give this momma some snuggles and congratulations for having another successful and perfect litter - just in time to welcome the fall season.

Great job, Momma C! 

Female - Reserved

Mitted Bluepoint Female - Reserved 

    Cream Male - AVAILABLE  

  Male - Reserved 

  •     Mitted Seal Female - Reserved   

q u e e n   p a i s l e y 

christmas litter 2020



READY 1.8.21   

Queen Paisley Reign

It's happened and it's exactly the exciting news that you've been waiting for. 


Born 10-12-20

Queen Paisley has given birth to 7 fluffy bundles of absolute deliciousness. Congratulations and many praises to our incredible Momma Paisleyfor doing such a phenomenal job! 

  •   Prince - Reserved      

  •    Blue Tortie Female - Reserved 

  • Female - Reserved    

  •     Female  - Reserved 

  •   Blue Lynx - Reserved 

  • Male - Reserved

  • Cream Male - Reserved

D e p o s i t 

kitten reserve fee - $997.00 USD


Are you ready to secure your placement for the kitty you've been dreaming about? Use our Paypal app below to begin your fluffy experience with ElleRagdolls. 


Pet sales and deposits are non-refundable and are 'first come first serve'. 


   Opal Class $3,997  

           Opal Class kittens is the ideal option for a family that wants a new kitten to cuddle, adore, and spoil.

Your Opal Class kitten with almost flawless markings will come home with paperwork to
guarantee pedigree and all required vaccinations. 

  Sapphire Grade $4,997-$6,997  

     Sometimes an opal just isn’t sparkly enough.

Let's take it up a notch.

This option is for clients who are craving a photogenic feline friend paired with a bubbly, sweet personality to match. Markings and placement will be almost flawless. 

Your Sapphire Grade kitten will come home with all pedigree paperwork and all vaccinations up to date. 

   Now viewing our Christmas litter  

   click photos to


   Diamond Status $6,998-$11,090  

Diamond's are a girl's best friend. 

Not every cat can be a star, but you're gorgeous

Diamond Status kitten can! Each Diamond Status kitty will come
home with perfect markings and a stellar personality to match. Not only will your Diamond Status kitten come home with all the proper paperwork ensuring the pedigree status, required vaccinations, but your mini celebrity will also be red-carpet ready and able to complete in any cat shows around the world.

This high-class kitten is our best quality. This kitty will have immaculate color, marking placement, and size paired with that contagious and loving personality that you've been daydreaming about. 

This makes the Diamond Status our most popular package.

You and your fabulous fluffy friend deserve the best! We are ecstatic to offer this incredible kitty to our equally amazing clients!


We recommend our Diamond Status kittens attend at least two cat shows within the United States.


contact us for pricing

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of ALL of the preparations for your bundle of fluff!! The Crown Jewels package is the perfect pairing to your exquisite ElleRagdolls kitten!  With this ELITE package, we take care of EVERYTHING from ordering to set up! We have selected the best of the best to include with this package.                                  

Feel the freedom of our VIP treatment. 

Elle, founder, and president of ElleRagdolls will personally arrive with your kitten for a memorable and fun-filled day. We want you to get to know your new bundle of fluff and soak in every special moment!  Let us pull out the red carpet while sprinkling your home with yummy goodness along with only the highest quality products the market has to offer.  We know that you and your kitten deserve the best and we are ecstatic to offer this popular experience to our incredible clients!

The Crown Jewels package will include;

  • Litter-Robot 3 Connect

  • Lush 5’ cat tree

  • Pet Rover Luxury Carrier, Car Seat, &  Stroller (Red, Black, or Purple)

  • Grooming Basket: gentle nail trimmer, grooming brush, Chubbs bar cat shampoo

  • High-Quality Litter  (2 months supply)

  • A cozy bed (color options available)

  • Royal Canin Dry Food  (6 months supply)

  • Scratchpad

  • Automatic ceramic or glass water fountain

  • Royal Canin Wet Food  (48 cans)

  • Food scoop

  • PetSafe water drinking fountain

  • Special delicious treats

  • Ceramic feeding dish

  • Food Storage container (rolling)

  • A wide array of toys selected specifically for your kitten! Including kicker toys, balls,  chasers, and interactive toys. 

  • e x t r a    s u r p r i s e s 


Have questions? Email us below for more information.

offer subject to change 

u p c o m i n g   l i t t e r s 

spring  2021  &   summer  2021 

Mitted Blue Tortie Ragdoll

    Princess AnnElise Rose   

    Ready date: Spring 2021    

Meet our Princess in Training AnnElise Rose. 

This elegant lovebug is our second generation bred of ElleRagdolls. Her kitty parents are Adonis Blue and Queen Prissy. When her perfect timing comes she will go on her first love vacation with Prince Xander Theodore "Theo" (Blue Bicolor Ragdoll). Talk about the perfect continuous to our love story!

Princess AnnElise is a Mitted Blue Torite Ragdoll that loves attention, snuggles, going out for a sun tan, walks in the stroller, and leash. If she were human - she would be your girlfriend that is always up to date with all the fashions and styles. 

This princess a total gem here at ElleRagdolls! When thinking about your future kitten do you daydream about endless snuggles and a confident personality? Then Princess AnnElise is your ideal option. Check out her photos. She is always posing like the princess was born to be!

  •     Mitted Bluepoint Female - Reserved 

  •    Female - Reserved   

  • Male - Reserved

  •     Seal Female - Reserved

  •  Blue Bicolor Tortie Female - Reserved

  •   Blue Male - AVAILABLE    

    Queen Genevieve    

   Ready date: Summer 2021  

Mademoiselle Geneviève Givenchy is a Seal Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll. This elegant lady comes with an exceptional pedigree and that high quality to that you've been looking for. She was bred to be top of her class and she indeed is! 

Miss Genevieve is an outstanding princess-in-training and is patiently waiting for her honeymoon when her perfect timing comes.

This kitty is ultra-fancy in everything she does. She loves being the center of the show and walks with posh and elegance everywhere she goes. During piano class, she is always the first to show off her latest musical masterpiece. If you haven't seen this little star in action on Instagram - Miss Genevieve always enjoys basking out by the pool. She likes working on her tan lines. As does any graceful and tasteful lady does.   


  •    Blue Tortie Female - AVAILABLE   

  • Female - Reserved    

  • Cream Male - AVAILABLE  

  • Male - Reserved

  •  Seal Tortie Female - AVAILABLE

  • Cream Male - Reserved 

Seal Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll

 k i t t e n s   r e a d y   n o w 

Due to the popularity of our cage-free designed cattery, our clients simply cannot get enough of our friendly, confident, and luxuriously pedigreed Ragdoll kittens.

Raised in the most loving homes of our Royal Caregivers and their families we at ElleRagdolls have created a unique and truly one of a kind boutique experience for your purebred Ragdoll.

 If you see an ElleRagdoll kitty listed as available, hurry, as it will not last long! 

 Following us on Instagram or Facebook @elleragdolls to enjoy us in action, you will not want to miss out on our cuteness! 

Meet Koala Bunny

Are you looking to add some much-needed sunshine into your life?

Koala Bunny has been kissed by the sun gods themselves. This stunning cuddle bunny is a Diamond Status ElleRagdolls.

At 5 months old Koala is a Mitted Bluepoint. She brings so much fun and brightness into everything she does. Contact us to show you a video of how she turns a ballon into a fun-filled cat toy. Koala will always keep your kids entertained while always being in the mood for a cozy snuggle.

She will come with official pedigree paperwork, vaccinations current and up to date, and spayed. Additional fees applied.

Reserve her today with our Paypal app above! 


"Born to shine"

meet resin

            Lookie Lookie! Those sky baby blues are coming to win over your heart!

Resin is a Seal Bicolor LynxRagdoll

READY 11/18/20

Her eyes, coat, and personality are exceptionally amazing. If you've been looking for an ultra-sweet kitty that you can completely fall head over heels with then this is your baby girl. 

Resin enjoys lounging around and sunbathing is her absolute favorite thing. We'd also like to add that these girls go gaga for the latest yummy treats! Watch out while playing with the feather sick because she doesn't mind showing off all of her elegant skills. 

Resin has all of her vaccinations and is ready for her forever home.

 Secure her as yours with our Paypal App above! 


"She makes the day brighter, and leaves a-little sparkle wherever she goes" 


Meet Daisy

Adora is a genuine Mitted Bluepoint Ragdoll. Born on 12-10-19.

She has a stunning coat with a sweet and tender personality. This

pre-Madonna is well on her way of being 18lbs of pure fluff! 

Adora enjoys playing with feather wands and snuggling up in our cozy arms. She is also known to hop around the house like a little bunny. If you're in need of a kitty that enjoys outside walks in her pink stroller, snuggling during movie night, and always wanting to be held - then Adora is the kitty for you!

All of her vaccinations are current and up to date. 

Use our Paypal App above to reserve your fancy and lovable kitty today. 

More photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages @elleragdolls



Meet Winnie the Pooh 

Winnie is a Diamond Status Sealpoint female. Her pedigree is immaculate.

Have you ever wanted a total lovebug that enjoys being held and snuggled..plus a gorgeous coat and fantastic looks to match? If so, than she is the lover for you! She loves playing fetch and showing off her elegant running skills. 

Winnie has been spayed and all of her vaccinations and paperwork are up to date.

Use our PayPal app above to secure this fluffy Princess as yours.



Ready to go home 11/18/20


Meet Kisstopher

Kisstopher is a Mitted Sealpoint Ragdoll. He is 11 months old.

Perfectly fluffed, has a stellar personality, and with those outstanding baby blue eyes, he is coming to steal your heart.

 He was bred to be top of his class and he indeed is! 

Kisstopher is kind, gentle, craves attention, and enjoys cuddling. He would be perfect for someone that wants a stunning Ragdoll that enjoys being busy as he would love tagging along on your errands.

Fun fact: Kisstopher adores giving nose kisses and will make you giggle when he hops around the house just like a bunny. 

All of his vaccinations and paperwork are up to date. 

Use our PayPal app above to secure this prince as yours.



"There is nothing sexier than a handlebar mustache"


Meet Cupid


You've always wanted a lovable Ragdoll and he's finally here! Ready to go home on 2/26/19With those gorgeous silky blue eyes and a heart full of snuggly cuddles; your home will now be complete. Cupid is passed that "busy kitten" stage and is ready to transition into his new home.  

With an incredible ultra-friendly personality - he adores the company of other pets. He's laid back and will always be in the mood for a cuddle fest. Cupid is the definition of the puurrfect Ragdoll cat!

He has been neutered and all of his vaccinations are current and up to date. Use our Paypal app below to secure this cutie as your new companion!




Meet Cappuccino 

Cappuccino is a Blue Bicolor Tortie Ragdoll. She is Miss. Fancy and Fabulous in everyway!

Her magnificent silky blue eyes are mesmerizing and are always catching everyones attention. Not only is she stunning from head to her toes but she has a lovely and snuggly personality to match. Cappuccino would be ideal for the client that is looking for a completely love-bug as Cappuccino enjoys snuggling up all the time. 

Cappuccino has been spayed and all of her vaccinations are current and up to date. Use our Paypal app above to secure her as yours.




                                       Meet Snuggles

Check out this HUGE fluffy boy! Snuggles is only a few weeks old and has always been over a pound bigger than his other siblings. 

Snuggles is a Mitted Creampoint Ragdoll. Snuggles is super adorable, seeks adventure, has such a gentle heart, and completely adores attention from everyone. Snuggles would be ideal for someone looking for a BIG and fluffy Ragdoll that has an ultra yummy and sweet soft side. He is ready to go to his forever home!

Snuggles will go home with his Health Certificate, neutered, and all of his vaccinations and boosters up to date. 

Use our PayPal app above to secure this cuddle bug as yours! 


Ready to go home 2/26/19




Miss. First Class! Bubbles is a Mitted Bluepoint Ragdoll. Have you always wanted a sweet and loving kitty? Here she is! Bubbles is super bubbly and loves to play with all of her siblings. She has an amazing eye color and her coat is luxuriously soft. She would be ideal for someone looking for a lap-cat as she enjoys being held like a baby and watching TV. 

 All of Bubbles vaccinations are current and up to date. Use our Paypal App below to reserve her as yours!



Birthdate 10.17.19


                               meet fleetwood

                       Do you believe in "Love at first sight? We certainly do!" 

Start your happy dance because this snuggly boy is up for grabs! Fleetwood is a Mitted Sealpoint Lynx and is exceptional in color and coat. 

Fleetwood enjoys playing with his red laser pen and showing off all of his fancy moves.He will be neutered and all of his vaccinations will be current and up to date. 

Reserve this cuddle bear as yours with our Paypal App above!



Ready to go home 12/26/19



Meet Favor


Favor is a genuine Seal Bicolor Ragdoll. He has a stunning pedigree and it truly shows with his incredible quality, size, color, and personality. 

This kitty is going be make a wonderful addition to any household as his personality is up for anything!

 Snuggly, gorgeous, floppy, and always wanting to be held. 

Favor is always up for an adventure and would enjoy going out on his leash for walks around in the neighborhood. 

Favor's paperwork is complete and all of his vaccinations are current and up to date.


Ready to go home 1/26/20

Meet Ellie

Ellie is a genuine Mitted Chocolate Colorpoint Ragdoll. 

Are you in need of a lap kitty that is always in the mood to snuggle you? If so, then here she is! Not only is Ellie wonderfully marked her personality is simply divine. You'll never want her snuggles to end as she melts completely into your arms. Her silky bunny fur will have you addicted to wanting more. Make sure you get her a feather wand so she can show off all of her elegant and skillful moves.

Ellie has been spayed and all of her vaccinations are current and up to date. 

Use our Paypal App above to reserve your blue eyed babe today!


"Miss Diamond Status" 


    Meet Pumpkin 


Opal is a Creampoint Lynx Ragdoll. 

Her coat is exceptionally soft and luxurious. She enjoys playing with ANY feather wands, snuggling is her favorite, and she will completely make your heart melt with happiness. Her momma is Queen Unforgettable Dreamer. This kitty is one of the most affectionate kitty's we have. She loves snuggling up anytime and adores being held just like a baby. 

Opal's vaccinations are current and all paperwork is up to date. Are you ready to have this little one be your fluffy companion? 

Use our Paypal app above to secure this Princess as yours. 



Ready 10/26/20


Meet Blossom

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”​

Blossom is a genuine Seal Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll. She LOVES the camera and enjoys laying on her back while you hold her like a baby. Blossom would be ideal for someone looking for a lap cat because of how laid back and sweet she is.

Blossom will be spayed and all of her vaccinations are current and up to date.



Meet Clementine 

Check this beauty queen. Fancy runs through this girls veins. Confident, gorgeous, and a total sweet heart would describe this sweetie perfectly. Clementine is a Blue Cream Tortie. 

She is the only girl in her litter but boy does she keep up with her brothers! 

Clementine will be spayed and all of her vaccinations are current and up to date.


Ready to go home 1/26/20

Meet Forever & Ever 

Ooh la la! Look at this handsome prince. Forever is a Mitted Lilac Lynx Ragdoll. We love that he is a complete teddy bear, adores hugs, and follows us everywhere. You will be in total paradise with this kitty. We guarantee it! 

Lilac is a unique and rare color option as it only comes out occasionally within lines. Hurry before he is reserved!

Forever & Ever will be neutered and all of his vaccinations are current and up to date. Reserve him with our PayPal App above.


Ready to go home 1/26/20

Meet Pooh Bear 


It's all about those good looks and addicting personality! Pooh Bear is simply wonderful in every way. 

Her coat is exceptionally soft and luxurious. This kitty is SUPER affectionate and sweet. She loves snuggling up anytime and adores being held just like a teddy bear.

Pooh Bear vaccinations are current and all paperwork is up to date. Are you ready to have this little one be your fluffy companion? 



Ready to go home 1/26/20

Meet Willow


Bred to be top of her class and she indeed is. Her quality is phenomenal! You'll be in heaven with just how soft her coat is. Silky, luxurious, and divine! 

Willow is a genuine Mitted Bluepoint Ragdoll. She LOVES playing hid n seek and going out in her pet stroller. She is a total snuggle bug and is always in the mood for a snuggle. Willow would be ideal for someone looking for a lap cat because of how laid back and sweet she is. 





 Clover is a genuine Red Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll.

His quality is magnificent! He has that mega fluff factor that you have been waiting for. His bunny like fur is extra silky and luxurious.  

Clover is tender, sweet, and loves to play. Clover is the largest from his litter and the most outgoing. 

With those gorgeous silky blue eyes and a heart full of snuggly cuddles; your home will now be complete. 

Clover is very social and loves the company of other pets. He's laid back and will always be in the mood for a cuddle fest. 



More photos/videos on our Kitten Cuteness page!

Prices are non-negotiable and based upon quality, markings, and personality.

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