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Leo the great 

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Sapphire Grade - $6,997

Parents: Adonis Blue and Queen Paisley Reign

Caregiver: Royal Gabriela - Hialeah, Florida

AGE: 16 weeks old




Leo is an official pet model with elite companies for a variety of pet products. Below are his recent published profolio work that can be found on Chewy. He can be seen on their latest Thanksgiving and Christmas e-mail and mail out cards. He also was published for their Christmas campaign

How fun and exciting! 


 Meet Leo the Great! He is a Mitted Creampoint Ragdoll that is now available for the most perfect family. Leo took his kitten days to work on his modeling career. He has been working with Chewy and can be seen featuring a wide arrange of products on their site and social media. He loves the limelight; if you haven't noticed! 

Have you been wanting to start your endless snuggles with ElleRagdolls? We have some exciting news for you as Mr. Leo is a total snuggler. In fact, it's his favorite thing to do. His royal caregiver Gabriela named him Leo because of the meaning which got her thinking about a lion. Looking at him Leo has the most beautiful mane that is already coming in and coming in fluffy and fast! His fluff reminds her of a lion. Awe he's our cuddly lion cub! 

If you've been following us on social media @elleragdolls then you have already seen all of Leo's cute videos. He's the best at jumping high and showing off all of his mighty moves. In fact, he was the first of his siblings to take his very first steps! Can you tell that he's a natural born leader yet? Yes, Leo the Great would be perfect for a family that has other pets or small children because he's personality is confident and adaptable to all situations.

Leo is ultra affectionate, loves endless snuggles, a born leader, amazing with small children and loves other animals. 


Contact us for additional information or reserve him as yours today with our PayPal app below. 



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