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Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Sapphire Grade - $7,998

Parents: King Theodore and Queen Rebecca Elizabeth 

Caregiver: Royal Caregiver Kristi - Melbourne, Florida 

AGE: 12 weeks 



We're so excited to announce the arrival of King Theo's and Queen Rebecca's first babies! Queen Rebecca is absolutely  gaga for her babies and has been pouring so much devotion into them.

Here is Coconut one of our whitest ElleRagdolls to date. Not only is his coat pure bliss; his eyes are divine! He gets them from his Daddy Theo. Bleu is luxury and requests that his forever family would spoil him with lots of hugs and playtime. Coconut is adored by everyone and enjoys snuggling. When it comes to his snuggle factor he scored a 10/10.  His Royal Caregiver Kristi is always mentioning just how gentle and calm he is with her toddlers. He loves being held and snuggled by babies, teens, and adults. He's always in the mood for some cozy cuddles. 

If you're looking for a stunning ElleRagdoll who enjoys being a lap baby then Coconut would be perfect for you. Get your endless snuggles on with Coconut. 


Contact us for additional information or reserve him with our PayPal app below. 


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