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Queen Priscilla

 Aila Priscilla "Prissy" is our Queen Bee here at Elle Ragdoll's. 

Prissy just craves attention! She will never miss out on a juicy conversation that her humans are having. One of her favorite things is to be snuggled and cuddled by everyone that stops by our house. She is adored and knows it! 

Our Momma P has the most beautiful babies. She is well known for her stunning Cream's and Mitted Bluepoint w/ blaze Ragdolls. If you want an incredibly marked kitty with one of a kind markings then this will be your go-to Queen.  ​

You can follow Queen Prissy's kitty cat journey on Facebook or Instagram @ElleRagdolls 


Prissy is a Blue Bicolor Tortie Ragdoll she was born on November 7, 2015.


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