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Princess Chloe 

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Diamond Status - $6,997

Parents: King Theodore and Queen Rebecca 

Caregiver: Royal Caregiver Kristi - Melbourne, Florida  

AGE: 16 weeks old



Princess Chloe is a Diamond Status Blue Bicolor Ragdoll.  She is one of our top tier ElleRagdolls as to date! Princess Chloe has the perfect size, color, personality, and that gorgeous marking placement that clients long for when choosing our Diamond Status option. As you can see in your photos that she is movie star quality and adores snuggling and getting cozy. Also her coat is the most luxurious coat to come across our home. When it comes to her eye color ---their mesmerizing! Her eye color will almost be the same shade as legendary ElleRagdoll Moon.  Chloe is the perfect companion for someone daydreaming about having a forever bestie. She'll be your mini me! 

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