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King Adonis Blue

Bluepoint Ragdoll

Meet Adonis "Blue" our Stud at ElleRagdolls. Blue got his name from the Raptor named Blue

that saved the day at the end of the Jurassic World movie. He has lived up to that name because he is our fluffy hero! King Blue is housed with the founder of ElleRagdolls. Blue was Elle's first Ragdoll and the very reason why she wanted to share and grow this wonderful breed. He was everything and more that she read about this breed. Elle knew that families needed his lovable and delightful personality. He truly steals the hearts of his owners, friends, and of course, wives. 

     King Adonis Blue is a Bluepoint born on February 7, 2015.

He was the biggest from his litter and will not stop growing until he reaches 4 years old. ​​Blue enjoys his long kitty naps which he prefers laying on his back. He loves adventures and going out for walks on his leash. Blue is also a complete cuddle bug and will always be in the mood for a snuggle. 


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