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a cage-free cattery


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Located in:  Miami Beach, Hialeah, Lighthouse point, Palm Bay, Lakeland, Tampa, and Naples, Florida  

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Meet Elle


Miami Beach, Florida

Sometimes a girl can make her dreams come true in the most surprising ways. Elle Krisch has always
been a dreamer, but when the unexpected tragedy took her sister from this life far too soon, some of those
dreams were shattered. Devastated, she wanted to find a companion to heal the hole left in her heart.
Research led her to the Ragdoll cat. The day she brought her first Ragdoll home, she found her passion
and her life’s mission.

Adonis Blue embodied everything she read about the breed — this cuddly kitten always wanted to be
held and snuggled. He was everything her heart needed to heal. She always loved cats, but she had
never met a cat so loveable, so affectionate, so perfect!

                             In honor of her sister, Elle decided to find a way to celebrate her life. She never anticipated that

her life’s purpose would shift as well. Elle fell in love with her cat, but something more happened. 

She fell in love with the breed.
She had to share what she knew about Ragdolls with everyone she met. She became a certified breeder with the CFA and TICA.   

Elle never wanted to be just a breeder, however. When she learned that even boutique breeds like the
Ragdoll are often born and raised in cages, it became her mission to become the first
cage-free cattery.
Every single ElleRagdoll has been hand-raised to ensure her cats are the best of the breed. ElleRagdolls
are the most affectionate, the most social, the easiest to handle, and the best to love. The company has
grown to eight in-home family catteries to ensure that each and every ElleRagdoll kitten is ready to love
you, just as much as they have been loved since the moment they were born.
Elle is so thankful for her amazing clients and the opportunity to do what she loves. She continues to
share her story and her passion for this magnificent cat with others. Everyone she meets has a story of
their own, a trial, a tragedy to overcome. Her kittens help other hearts heal.

The ElleRagdolls family
continues to grow as we provide the best clients with the highest quality Ragdoll kittens available.

Thank you for becoming part of something so special, and welcome to the ElleRagdoll family!

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Meet Cindy

Elle's mentor

A successful entrepreneur and mother of 3 handsome boys - found herself entranced with the Ragdoll breed and knew that her passion was with the snuggly and affectionate breed called the Ragdoll. Focusing on her passion Cindy built a beautiful cattery on her large property in the Midwest. Her journey began and she has been breeding the highest quality Ragdolls since 1993. 

Cindy is proud that she is an exclusive cattery and only works with top breeders that want to elevate the breed that she has fallen head over heels with. It's not easy to get her impeccable lines.

Cindy met Elle Krisch and found that Elle had the same spark and drive she, herself, does. Elle adores the Ragdoll breed and wanted to be able to provide her clients with the highest quality Ragdolls within the United States. Cindy has been mentoring Elle ever since. All of Elle's lines come from Cindy's immaculate pedigrees which have exceptional bloodlines and the high quality that clients crave. Only the ElleRagdolls cattery carries Cindy's lines within the state of Florida.


Cindy and Elle share the same passion for giving families all around the world quality Ragdolls that will last a lifetime. 

-Meet the Caregivers -

Being a cage-FREE cattery is purely the first of its kind. A cage-FREE cattery means that none of our adults or kittens are ever caged but rather hand raised in a loving home. It's important to meet the families that ElleRagdolls has employed to bring up your little one in the most affectionate way ever created. The founder, Elle, is the first to design this unique and special way to breed. Elle realized that the way your little one has been raised plays a huge factor in how your kitten will adapt and most importantly be when they reach your loving arms. Elle puts her cats first and all of her kittens will be confident, loving, affectionate, crave attention, and most importantly look absolutely fabulous.

ElleRagdolls breeds the right way and how breeding should always be done. 

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Meet Carla & Rodney  

Miami Shores, Florida

Carla and Rodney purchased two fluffy Elle-kittens in 2020. Both are the proud owners of London James and Miss Fiji Bleu. These phenomenal pet parents loved our growing in-home cattery so much that they reached out to us to become official Royal Caregivers. We couldn't be happier! 

Carla is a passionate and top architect for the south Florida region. Her position can be long so when she comes home all she wants is the Elle-kitten snuggles. Weekends are now taking her 3 babies on long walks by the beach and enjoying the little moments. Carla's husband Rodney is a retired professional tennis player. But that doesn't stop him from being on that court! He loves the game and even has been training his Elle-kittens to do the same. When you see the videos each love it! They even take it to watching the game together on the weekend. Rodney and Carla are the best of both worlds. Famiily, career, and the most important L-O-V-E! 

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Meet Missy 

Lakeland, Florida

Missy grew up on a farm and has always found a love for animals of all kinds. She met her high school sweetheart doing what she loves and had 3 beautiful children. As Missy reached her 20's and motherhood she stumbled upon the Ragdoll breed and absolutely adored what the Ragdoll is all about. She had never came across a cat that wanted to always be held and snuggled and her pups also enjoyed their fluffy company. She began her journey as a certified breeder with the CFA and gave Elle her very first Ragdoll named Adonis Blue. She knew it was the perfect match and continued to stay in contact with Elle. Missy retired as a successful Ragdoll breeder in 2016. 

As time passed she became apart of the ElleRagdolls kitty family as a Royal Director of her very own location. Missy is the home of Queen Foxy Jane, Princess Genevieve, and Princess Duchess of Godiva of ElleRagdolls. She continues the ElleRagdolls tradition of never caging any of the girls but always having them out and about throughout her spacious home. She loves having the ElleRagdoll girls, pups, kids, all around her busy house as she does her daily life. Missy is excited to grow and raise your little ones with extra love and affection. Contact us today to have Missy raise your little bundle of cuteness! 


Meet Elizabeth 

Lakeland, Florida 

Elizabeth and Missy have been best friends since preschool. These besties share the love of being with animals and it all started at a young age. 

As Elizabeth blossomed into adulthood she competed in a pageant for the title of Miss Florida. She was successful and took the crown. Elizabeth became the beautiful face of the sunshine state. After winning, Elizabeth met her husband during college while graduating with her business degree and their love story began. 

 Elle met Elizebeth through Missy and there was an instant connection. Elle loved learning that Elizabeth has 2 beautiful daughters, 2 doggies that she adores, and a loving home that would provide her queens and kittens a place of peace and endless snuggles. Elizabeth's location is home to Queen Priscilla Aila "Prissy", Queen Champagne Coco Chanel, and Princess Annelise Rose.

Elizabeth has been a staple in the ElleRagdolls family. Elizabeth is always ready and provides the cattery with new ideas to grow and elevate. She raises her ElleRagdolls kittens with the dedication and love that the clients adore. Contact us to have your kitten enjoy the endless snuggles that Elizabeth and her family give to each of the babies.

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Meet Tina

Lighthouse point, Florida

Tina and Elle met through their journey as a governess within the state of Florida. Tina retired and settled down and started to grow her family. Being in Elle's Ragdoll world she decided that she wanted her children to have the loving care of this affectionate breed. Elle knew that Tina was the perfect match for her cattery and had Tina join her ElleRagdolls kitty family. At Tina's location, you will find 2 gorgeous ElleRagdolls princesses named Candy Cane and Lily Bloom. Tina is excited about the opportunity to have the ElleRagdolls queens deliver babies when the perfect time comes. Until then she and her family will enjoy the company of what the most affectionate breed in the cat world brings to their growing family.


Meet Gabriella

Hialeah, Florida

Gabriella met ElleRagdolls when she messaged them wanting a Diamond Status Ragdoll. As the weeks followed, she became the proud owner of a flawless kitten that she named Skyla. Gabriella knew that Skyla was special and decided to create an Instagram account named @husky_ragdoll. Her account grew and become one of the most sought after pet Instagram accounts. With over 28k+ followers she educates the public about the teddy bear kitty named the Ragdoll cat. 

Her ElleRagdolls Skyla has continued her career as a kitty model and has been featured on Quay Australia Website, NBC6 T.V News, VoyageMIA Magine, and Cats Of Instagram. 

Gabriella always loved and admired that ElleRagdolls raised their kittens in a cage-FREE environment and found that Skyla was extra affectionate and not like other Ragdolls that she encountered. She contacted Elle to become apart of her cattery and house a Queen for the ElleRagdolls cattery. Elle found Gabriella and her family perfect and they became apart of this special breeder program. 

Gabriella is the proud caregiver of Paisley Reign a gorgeous Blue Cream Bicolor lynx Ragdoll of ElleRagdolls. Paisley and Skyla are besties and will always make time to snuggle with their Husky pup named Greyson. Gabriella's s handsome son's also shares in the love of this cuddly breed and looks forward to when Paisley Reign has her very first litter.

Continue following @ElleRagdolls on Instagram and Facebook to follow their fluffy journey.

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Meet Ana

Miami, Florida

Ana has a bachelor's degree in early hood education and enjoys impacting the youth. As a kindergarten teacher in the Miami-Dade district, she continues her craving to inspire the youth with your knowledge. Recently, she has created her own business that she has hopes to brings to light in 2020. 

When Elle and Ana's paths crossed in 2014 it was a match made in heaven. Not only did both find the love of educating the youth a common interest but once Ana snuggled Elle's kittens she wanted to be apart what Elle had started. 

Ana had always wanted a snuggly boy and became the 2nd stud location of the ElleRagdolls kitty family. Her beautiful ElleRagdoll named Ozzy Butters is a Mitted Creampoint Ragdoll. Butters has brought Ana exactly what she needed in her life and loves snuggling up with her after a long and busy day. Ana takes her lovable boy everywhere. They love to take long strolls with the stroller provided by PetRover on the boardwalk of Miami Beach. 

Ana loves knowing that her companion's offspring can be found all around the world.

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Meet Michelle 

Palm Bay, Florida

Michelle is the mother of the founder of ElleRagdolls. A successful model and business executive within her era. Being the mother of 4 incredible children she knew that each were destined for greatness. Michelle always taught her kids that when you save an animal from the local shelter that they will never again experience a cage in their life. Throughout the years of raising Elle, Michelle knew that her oldest daughter, Elle,  was special and wanted her to do amazing things. When Elle told her she had created a business of designing a Ragdoll cattery in honor of never caging. Her mother was completely on board and wanted to help her daughter in every way.

 You can find the ElleRagdolls show quality cats that are housed by Elle's loving mother. Michelle houses the Ragdolls that will be entered into the show ring to bring the ElleRagdolls more success.

Follow the fame at @elleragdolls on Instagram and Facebook.

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Meet Panida

Tampa, Florida

Panida first came in contact with ElleRagdolls when finding the Top Ragdoll Breeder on Instagram @elleragdolls. Panida was instantly hooked and bought two Diamond Status kittens from ElleRagdolls before joining the ElleRagdolls kitty family. Panida is home to the gorgeous Penelope the Mitted Bluepoint Ragdoll and Theodore a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll of ElleRagdolls. Panida continues what she loves which is educating the public of her gorgeous cats on her Instagram of over 14.2k followers. Panida is a fitness extremest and competes around the world. She has won multiple titles with her goals in the fitness world. While her heart has always been with the Ragdoll she later reached out to Elle to be apart of something bigger.

Elle knew that this was a wonderful match and made Panida her 3rd stud location. Panida of ElleRagdolls is the proud location of Prince Theodore of ElleRagdolls. He is the soon to be the husband of Princess Annelise when her puurfect timing comes. Until then, Theo will wait patiently until his love reaches hers.

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Meet Emily

Naples, Florida 

As long as Emily could remember her heart has always been with animals.  Once Emily grew into adulthood her family became the proud owner of a veterinarian clinic in Naples, Florida.

Emily's life took her to many places and exciting things, she became a proud mother to her daughter named Jolie. As her parents instilled the love of animals in her, Emily wanted to do the same with her daughter. 

Emily always longed for an affectionate cat for her and her lovable toddler.

Emily contacted ElleRagolls and the search began. Emily was picky and wanted an excellent Ragdoll that matched her lifestyle. It was important that her new fluffy companion was able to adapt to being in a busy home. Elle listened and matched her with the perfect kitten and Emily became the proud owner of Bunny a handsome Diamond Status Mitted Bluepoint of ElleRagdolls. As months passed and Emily and Elle stayed in contact, Emily knew she wanted to be apart of something special with the ElleRagdolls growing cattery.

The arrangements have been made and Emily and her daughter will be the newest location of the ElleRagsdolls kitty family. Come 2021 you will find that Emily will be the newest home of the newest princesses of the ElleRagdolls family.

Follow the journey on Instagram + Facebook @ElleRgadolls

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