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Queen Foxy Jane 

This bombshell of an ElleRagdoll is the one and only Miss Foxy Jane!

 Foxy is a Seal Bicolor Van ElleRagdoll. What make this kitty so unique is that she is a Van ElleRagdoll. Meaning that other than her points her coloring will remain white as snow. 

Foxy was bred from a Top ElleRagdoll Breeder within the US. Her pedigree is immaculate and her kittens show that top quality. 

You will find our loving Foxy always working on her tan lines in our Florida room. She also enjoys going on breezy walks on her leash and meeting new people. She's incredibly social and simply adores being relished with hugs and cuddles. 

You can follow her fluffy journey on Facebook or Instagram @ElleRagdolls 

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