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Princess Tallulah Primrose 

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Diamond Status - $12,000

Parents: Adonis Blue and Queen Foxy Jane

Caregiver: Royal Michelle - Melbourne, Florida  

AGE: 12 weeks old



Princess Primrose is a Diamond Status Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. She has been reserved by Alaina who has been waiting 2 years for ElleRagdolls to make her Ragdoll kitten dreams come true. Princess Tallulah Primrose has the perfect size, color, personality, and that gorgeous marking placement that clients long for when choosing our Diamond Status option. As you can see in your photos that she is movie star quality and adores snuggling and getting cozy. She is the perfect companion for someone daydreaming about having a forever bestie. She wants to everything that you do. She loves walks, sunbathing, convertible rides, leash training, and going clothes/hair-bow shopping! 


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