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Gloriana Rebecca Elizabeth Grace

Our orange-tip butterfly. Always longing to be in the garden... 

Greetings to our newest Princess in training!

Drum roll please as we officially announce the arrival of Gloriana Rebecca Elizabeth Grace; nickname Beck or Becky. She has been hand raised by Royal Caregiver Elizabeth in Lakeland, Florida. As you know being raised in this unique and extra snuggly environment truly makes all the difference.

Miss Beck is known for her velvet soft and fluffy fur paired with her gorgeous ice blue eye color. Clients adore her!

When it comes to her snuggle factor she is always in the mood to sit on your lap and be loved. She even enjoys playing dress up with all sorts of fun pet outfits! Her latest favorite is her wedding dress which she picked herself. Beck is just a girly girl! 

Your next fluffy companion can be from this beautiful princess. Contact us today! 

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