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beanie baby

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Diamond Status - $12,000

Parents: King Theodore and Queen Genevieve

Caregiver: Royal Caregiver Elizabeth - Lakeland, Florida

AGE: 12 weeks old




Adorable, sweet, and extra puurfection

Meet Beanie Baby, ElleRagdolls first Diamond Status Bicolor Lynx Prince! This special boy will be ready just in time to unwrap gifts underneath the holiday tree. And a fun fact is he loves Chewy boxes and jumping in and out of them. He even enjoys playing hid n seek with his Royal Caregiver's daughter Aubrey. Beanie tops the charts in every category for quality, personality, size, and marking placement. When it comes to the softness of his coat its even softer than a bunny rabbit. Even when you look into his eyes you'll get lost in them. Lost in love, that is! Everyone is so impressed by him.

 ElleRagdolls is looking for a specific family for him. A loving family who is longing for extra snuggles and of course a furever companion. He will be your fluffy shadow. You'll never be alone with your hero beside you. Beanie wants you to know that cuddles paired with a bedtime story are his favorite. He just wants to be with you and enjoy your company. 

Beanie Baby will come with Health Certificate and official vaccinations. Everything will be completed all he longs for is you. 


Contact us for additional information or reserve him with our PayPal app below.  


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