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Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Sapphire Grade - $7,997

Parents: Adonis Blue and Queen Paisley Reign

Caregiver: Royal Caregiver Cindy - USA 

AGE: 14 weeks old






This handsome prince is a wonderful example of our just how marvelous our ElleRagdolls are.

When we talk about flawless marking placement, you can see them in the preciseness of his coat. The details matter! When you pet his fur it is super soft, just like that of a sweet bunny. We get emails all the time of our Elle-kittens eye color and Neo falls in the 10/10 in the grading scale.

His eyes are what draw you in and he loves to win you over with them. 

Neo is known for being the leader of the pack. He enjoys being the first to do anything. Whether it was learning how to walk, using the litter box, or even jumping into the stroller for a ride. He longs to be first, which is excellent as he will forever fall first place in our hearts!

When it comes to his contagious personality; he cannot steal our attention more. He longs to be wherever you are. Have you been longing for a shadow? Neo is it! He is also a lover of showing off his great and mighty moves. Climbing up the cat tree, cat post, or zooming across the house to play fetch are just some of the activities that he is addicted too.

When it comes to his snuggle factor; he is one to steal your heart. He makes everyone feel special, his love is like a candy apple; its just so sweet and deliciousNeo is a huge fan when it comes to laying on our shoulder while we watch a movie or surf the internet. During a drive he is always on our lap. Do we need to say more? 

Neo adores being with you and yearns to hear your praises! 

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