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Mademoiselle Geneviève Givenchy


Mademoiselle Geneviève Givenchy is a Seal Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll. This elegant lady comes with an exceptional pedigree and that high quality to that you've been looking for. She was bred to be top of her class and she indeed is! 

Miss Genevieve is an outstanding princess-in-training and is patiently waiting for her honeymoon when her perfect timing comes.

This kitty is ultra-fancy in everything she does. She loves being the center of the show and walks with posh and elegance everywhere she goes. During piano class, she is always the first to show off her latest musical masterpiece. If you haven't seen this little star in action on Instagram - Miss Genevieve always enjoys basking out by the pool. She likes working on her tan lines. As does any graceful and tasteful lady does.   


You can follow her fluffy journey on Facebook or Instagram @ElleRagdolls 

Pictures were taken at 4.5 months old - summer 2020
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