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mr. love

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Diamond Status- $9,997

Parents: Adonis Blue and Queen Arabella Willow

Caregiver: Royal Caregiver Gabriela - Brickell, Florida

AGE: 8 weeks old



Can you imagine having a Elle-kitten that always wants to be held and stare into your eyes. Look no further as Mr. Love will steal your heart with a moments snuggle. Mr Love is a Diamond Status Sealpoint ElleRagdoll. He enjoys being held and adored. His loves to be social and enjoys the company of his pups Royal Caregiver Gabriela has. He even snuggles them! We will say that Mr. Love is a fan of "sleeping in". We believe it's because he's a dreamer and destined for great things! 

Every morning Mr Love will come up to us and want to sit on our laps as we enjoy our first cup of coffee. He's a big fan of being in our laps! When it comes to his flawless marking placement; he has it all. His perfect size, coloring, marking placement, and personality set him above the charts. If you've been longing for your next companion to want your cuddles and truly be that teddy bear from your childhood then check out Mr. Love. 

 Contact us to know more about is contagious personality. 


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