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Mitted Blue Tortie Ragdoll

    Princess AnnElise Rose   


Meet our Princess in Training AnnElise Rose. 

This elegant lovebug is our second generation bred of ElleRagdolls. Her kitty parents are Adonis Blue and Queen Prissy. When her perfect timing comes she will go on her first love vacation with Prince Xander Theodore "Theo" (Blue Bicolor Ragdoll). Talk about the perfect begining to our love story!

Princess AnnElise is a Mitted Blue Tortie Ragdoll that loves attention, snuggles, going out for a suntan, walks in the stroller, and leash. If she were human - she would be your girlfriend that is always up to date with all the fashions and styles. 

This princess a total gem here at ElleRagdolls! When thinking about your future kitten do you daydream about endless snuggles and a confident personality? Then Princess AnnElise is your ideal option. Check out her photos. She is always posing like the princess was born to be!

  •          Mitted Bluepoint Female - Reserved   

  • Female - Reserved     

  •    MALE - AVAILABLE   

  • Male - Reserved

  •  Blue Bicolor Tortie Female - AVAILABLE  

  • Cream Male - Reserved 

  •    Cream Male - AVAILABLE   

    Queen Champagne   


Meet Champagne Coco Chanel.

 This beauty is a Mitted Creampoint w/ Blaze Ragdoll. Her quality, size, personality, and color put her on another level. Her babies will have her wonderful top quality parried with having the most sweetest personality. 

You will find Champagne always with her bestie Queen Prissy. These girls do everything together. If they could take the convertible out for a spin, they would! Champagne LOVES cuddling and being whispered sweet things. She is always in the mood to be held and told she is beautiful. If your looking for a kitten that has a loving personality and a luxuriously soft coat then this is the Momma you need for your next kitten.

  •     MALE - AVAILABLE    

  •          Blue Tortie Female - AVAILABLE    

  • Female - Reserved    

  •     Cream Male - AVAILABLE   

  • Male - Reserved

  •          Seal Tortie Female - AVAILABLE   

  • Cream Male - Reserved 

Cream w/ Blaze Ragdoll
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