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 queen rebecca elizabeth 

   MARCH 2023  

Meet our Queen Rebecca Elizabeth. Queen Rebecca is pure royalty. She comes for the finest lines within the United States. Her quality, personality, coat, color, eye color, and snuggle factor is off the charts.

Queen Rebecca Elizabeth is a Mitted Bluepoint Tortie ElleRagdoll. Her Royal Caregiver is obsessed with her! Becca enjoys lounging and being on our laps. She is always in the mood for a girls night in! 

Becca can always be found smelling the flowers on a sunny day out on the lanai. Her favorite is gardening with her Royal Caregiver Krista. She loves helping with the roses, ponies, and tomato plants. Becca is always checking on her flower and plant friends. If she could she would be a horticulturist. 

Another fun fact about Queen Rebecca is that she enjoys watching her human play the piano. She will sit while Royal Caregiver Krista plays away. Everyone is amazed at how much she enjoys it. 

Contact us for more information about her delicious personality. 

  •  Blue Bicolor Female - AVAILABLE  

  •     Female - Reserved

  • Male - Reserved

  • Blue Bicolor Tortie Female - Reserved

  •   Blue Male - AVAILABLE

  • Female - Reserved 

  • Male - Reserved   

Rebecca Eliabeth Grace #1.JPG
Mitted blue tortie elleragdolls
Queen Foxy Jane (ElleRagdolls) __edited.jpg

  queen FOXY JANE 

  FEB/MARCH 2023  

Meet our Queen Foxy!

This elegant love-bunny acts just like a cute and fluffy bunny rabbit. You just wanna cuddle with her. Her super soft fur makes it even more cozy and relaxing. If you've been needing a snuggle companion definitely contact us about her babies. 

Queen Foxy is a Seal Bicolor Van ElleRagdoll that loves attention, snuggles, going out for a suntan, walks in the stroller, and leash. If she were human - she would be your girlfriend that is always up to date with all the fashions and styles. 

This Queenie a total gem here at ElleRagdolls! When thinking about your future kitten do you daydream about endless snuggles and a confident personality? Then Queen Foxy is your ideal option. Check out her photos. She is always posing like the Queen she was born to be!

  •  Mitted Blue Female - AVAILABLE 

  • Male - Reserved

  • Blue Bicolor Tortie Female - Reserved

  •   Mitted Sealpoint Male - AVAILABLE 

  • Female - Reserved 

  • Male - Reserved   

 queen arabella willow 

summer 2023

This bombshell of an ElleRagdoll is the one and only Miss Foxy Jane!

 Queen Arabella Willow is a Mitted Sealpoint ElleRagdoll. What make this kitty so unique is that she is a Blaze ElleRagdoll. Meaning that she has a beautiful white strike of color come down her nose and forehead. 

Queen Willow was bred from a Top ElleRagdoll Breeder within the US. Her pedigree is immaculate and her kittens show that top quality. 

You will find our loving Willow always working on her tan lines in our Florida room. She also enjoys going on breezy walks on her leash and meeting new people. She's incredibly social and simply adores being relished with hugs and cuddles. 

You can follow her fluffy journey on Facebook or Instagram @ElleRagdolls 

  • Mitted Bluepoint Female - Reserved 

  •     Seal Female - AVAILABLE 

  • Male - Reserved

  •  Female - AVAILABLE 

  •   Blue Male - AVAILABLE 

  • Female - Reserved 

  • Male - Reserved   

Arabella Willow - .jpg
mitted sealpoint elleragdoll
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