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Princess ZUKI

Breed: Ragdoll 

Price: Celebrity Luxe Package - Approval Required

Parents: Adonis Blue and Queen Foxy Jane

Caregiver: Royal Missy Lakeland, Florida  

AGE: 8 weeks old



Ooh la la do we have a beauty for you! Check out our latest Diamond from Queen Foxy Jane and Adonis Blue.

Princess Zuki Blossom is a Diamond Status Seal Bicolor Van Ragdoll. Zuki Blossom has the perfect size, color, personality, and that gorgeous marking placement that clients long for when choosing our Diamond Status option.

It's that moment that you've been waiting for as we finally have a Van ElleRagdoll! MEGA FLUFF FACTOR!

A Van is our most sought after color combination as they will be completely white on their backs, sides, and tummies. Ooh la la indeed! Her top quality color paired with her honey sweet personality sets her above the rest. Check out her photos to see her stellar eye color - only available with Queen Foxy Jane & Queen Paisley Reign. 

Reserve her with our Paypal link below.

Start your ElleRagdolls experience of endless snuggle today! 


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