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Celebrity Luxe Package
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Sit back, relax, and let us  take care of ALL of the preparations for your bundle of fluff!! The Crown Jewels package is the perfect pairing to your exquisite ElleRagdolls kitten!  With this ELITE package, we take care of EVERYTHING from ordering to set up! We have selected the best of the best to include with this package.                                  

Feel the luxury of our Celebrity treatment. 

Elle, founder, and president of ElleRagdolls will personally arrive with your kitten for a memorable and fun-filled day. We want you to get to know your new bundle of fluff and soak in every special moment!  Let us pull out the red carpet while sprinkling your home with yummy goodness along with only the highest quality products the market has to offer.  We know that you and your kitten deserve the best and we are ecstatic to offer this popular experience to our incredible clients!

Celebrity Luxe Package will include;

  • Litter-Robot 3 Connect

  • Lush 5’ cat tree

  • Pet Rover Luxury Carrier, Car Seat, &  Stroller (Red, Black, or Purple)

  • Grooming Basket: gentle nail trimmer, grooming brush, Chubbs bar cat shampoo

  • High-Quality Litter  (2 months supply)

  • A cozy bed (color options available)

  • Royal Canin Dry Food  (6 months supply)

  • Scratchpad

  • Automatic ceramic or glass water fountain

  • Royal Canin Wet Food  (48 cans)

  • Food scoop

  • PetSafe water drinking fountain

  • Special delicious treats

  • Ceramic feeding dish

  • Food Storage container (rolling)

  • A wide array of toys selected specifically for your kitten! Including kicker toys, balls,  chasers, and interactive toys. 

  • e x t r a    s u r p r i s e s 

More photos/videos on our Kitten Cuteness page!

Prices are non-negotiable and based upon quality, markings, and personality.

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