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Ragdoll Breeder

Purebred Ragdolls Bring Beauty and Snuggles to Your Home

While the first ragdoll was bred in 1960, it is a recognized cat breed throughout the world including with the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association. At ElleRagdolls, we are a registered ragdoll breeder that produces stunning kittens in a variety of colors and patterns. Ask us about our championship bloodlines, genetic testing, and complete adoption history.

A Ragdoll Breeder with Your Cat's Best Future at Heart
At ElleRagdolls, we place the happiness and health of all our purebred ragdolls first. We never use cages or kennels and raise all our furry families in homes. Every kitten receives regular vet visits and goes to their furever home with a clean bill of health and complete medical records. While growing up, they learn to snuggle on the couch, jump in bed with their humans, and receive loving attention.

Big, Soft, Sweet, and Easy to Care For Cats
Many ragdoll parents first fall in love with their long silky fur, round face, and stunning blue eyes. But what really wins people over in the long run is the sweet ragdoll personality. Ragdolls tend to be loungers instead of climbers, so low couches and beds are just their thing. The thin undercoat minimizes shedding and is less likely to aggravate allergies. The coat does not require the constant attention of other long-hair breeds, and the ragdoll enjoys an average life span of 15 to 20 years.

When you are ready to add one of these gorgeous and loving furballs to your home, call ElleRagdolls to begin your application. We only offer purebred ragdolls and are a certified breeder with multiple locations throughout Florida. Approved parents can either pick up their kitten or we can arrange person-to-person delivery.

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