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The Original. The Best.

Don’t settle for cheap copy cats. ElleRagdolls is the queen of the Ragdoll breed! The founders of the cutest kittens paired with the sweetest personalities. Have you noticed that an ElleRagdolls kitty resembles the Ragdoll kitten that you've been thinking about in your daydreams? This is because ElleRagdolls breeds for quality, personality, size, and color. Your kitty will have the character, looks, weight, color, and most importantly the quality that this wonderful breed is all about. Put your mind at ease as your ElleRagdolls kitten will have had multiple genetic testings performed, completed blood tests, state-required vaccinations, and a certified health certificate issued within the state of Florida by a registered veterinarian. We will always put our cats/kittens' health and well being first. Our standards truly show in the grand quality of our genuine pedigreed Ragdolls that we provide for our amazing clients. ElleRagdolls is proud that our kittens can be found in homes all across the world.​

Do we cage your adults or kittens?

NEVER! You would be surprised to learn that caging is a typical practice amongst breeders. ElleRagdolls believes that caging any animal is cruel. Instead, ElleRagdolls is proud to announce that we are a CAGE-FREE cattery. This means you will never find cages at any of our locations. With eight locations throughout the state of Florida, we hand raise your little from day one until she/he is snuggling in your loving arms.  

Where is ElleRagdolls located?

ElleRagdolls is an exclusive deluxe international Ragdoll breeder located in Miami Beach, Hialeah, Lighthouse Point, Palm Bay, Naples, Tampa, and two locations in Lakeland Florida. ElleRagdolls has 8 locations to continue our mission of remaining a CAGE-FREE cattery. It has been decided that ElleRagdolls will open a ninth location in Orlando, Florida in the winter of 2021.

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