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  • What is the price of our kittens?

    • Opal Class kittens are $4,997, Sapphire Grade kittens are $5997-$7997, and Diamond Status are $7,998-$15,000.

  • Where is ElleRagdolls located?

    • ElleRagdolls is an exclusive deluxe international Ragdoll breeder located in Miami Beach, Hialeah, Lighthouse Point, Orlando, Palm Bay, Naples, Tampa, and two locations in Lakeland Florida. ElleRagdolls has 9 locations to continue our mission of remaining a CAGE-FREE cattery. It has been decided that ElleRagdolls will open a tenth location in Saint Augustine, Florida in the winter of 2024.

  • Why ElleRagdolls? The Original. The Best.

    • Don’t settle for cheap copy cats. ElleRagdolls is the queen of the Ragdoll breed! The founders of the cutest kittens paired with the sweetest personalities. Have you noticed that an ElleRagdolls kitty resembles the Ragdoll kitten that you've been thinking about in your daydreams? This is because ElleRagdolls breeds for quality, personality, size, and color. Your kitty will have the character, looks, weight, color, and most importantly the quality that this wonderful breed is all about. Put your mind at ease as your ElleRagdolls kitten will come with; state-required vaccinations, and a certified health certificate issued within the state of Florida by a registered veterinarian. We will always put our cats/kittens' health and well being first. Our standards truly show in the grand quality of our genuine pedigreed Ragdolls that we provide for our amazing clients. ElleRagdolls is proud that our kittens can be found in homes all across the world.

  • Do we cage your adults or kittens?

    • NEVER! You would be surprised to learn that caging is a typical practice amongst breeders. ElleRagdolls believes that caging any animal is cruel. Instead, ElleRagdolls is proud to announce that we are a CAGE-FREE cattery. This means you will never find cages at any of our locations. With eight locations throughout the state of Florida, we hand raise your little from day one until she/he is snuggling in your loving arms.  

  • Do you have any kittens available? 

    • Usually, the answer is no. Our kittens are typically reserved before they are even born or shortly after birth.  

  • Why is your waiting list so long? 

    • All of the good breeders I know in Florida have waiting lists. In fact, if you find a breeder that has lots of kittens available right away, that is a red flag. You have to ask yourself, why would the good breeders have a waiting list sometimes months long and another breeder has kittens available right away they can't even sell? There is always a reason.​​

  • Which one is sweeter-boys or girls? 

    • Some people have a preconceived notion that one sex is better than the other.  Typically people had some experience in their past and if it was good they want to get that same-sex, or if it was bad they want the opposite sex.  Some people think that girls are temperamental or that boys might spray.  The truth is there is NO difference in the sexes as far as their temperament and I have NEVER had anyone come back to me and tell me their boy sprays.  You have to understand that Ragdolls (from good breeders) have been bred generation after generation to be super sweet.  So, all Ragdolls should be loving and really crave attention and want to be with their people all the time.  The only difference between boys and girls is physical.  The boys will typically get a little bigger than the girls and they will usually have a longer, thicker, fluffier coat.

  • I currently have a boy, what sex should I get?  Or, I currently have a girl, what sex should I get?

    •   I also get this question a lot.  The rule of thumb used to be that you should get the opposite.  So, if you have a boy, get a girl.  Or, if you have a girl, get a boy.  But, I don't think that is true with Ragdolls.  I have had kittens go into homes in all of the variations, and the kittens are always fine.  The adults don't always like the kittens, but typically it has nothing to do with sex.  It is more about personality than sex.  When cats are spayed/neutered early in life you are essentially making them gender-neutral.  So, unless your previous cat was a lot older when they were fixed, you should be fine with either sex.

  • What is the difference in size when it comes to boys vs girls?

    • The ideal Ragdoll is a well-balanced cat, with no extreme features. Altered males will usually top the scale at 15-20 pounds; females are proportionately smaller and usually weigh between 10-15 pounds at maturity. Ragdolls are slow-maturing, reaching full coat color at two years, and full size and weight at four years old. 


  • Will I be allergic to a Ragdoll cat? 

    • Unlike other cat breeds, Ragdolls do not have an undercoat, which is typically the cause for excessive shedding in cats. The other advantage of the lack of undercoat is that a lot of people that are usually allergic to cats can have a Ragdoll. Most people are either allergic to cat dander and not the salvia of a cat. 

  • Do Ragdolls shed?  

    • Ragdolls do not produce an undercoat like other breeds which illuminates Ragdolls from having dander but they do shed. If you read somewhere or on some breeder's web site that Ragdolls don't shed, you have found a bad breeder.  They are just trying to say anything to sell a kitten.  Ragdolls, like all other breeds I know of (except the hairless cats), do shed.  Now, that being said, they may not shed as much as some other breeds.  But, they do shed.  How much will depend on a lot of things?  What you feed your cat is a big part of it.  If you feed a quality food, your cat is less likely to shed.  What temperature you usually keep your home will also matter.  Keep in mind your Ragdoll is walking around wearing a fur coat all day.  So, if you keep your home average or even slightly warm, it is probably hot for your Ragdoll and they will shed more often.  And last, the best way to combat shedding is brushing.  When you brush your Ragdoll you will get the loose, dead hair out right then and you can throw it away.  As opposed, to not brushing or not brushing often enough and then the hair just comes out a little at a time all over your home.

  • Do Ragdolls get along with other pets?  

    • The answer to this is almost always yes.  I would definitely want to watch a cat with a bird or small pet (rabbit, gerbil, hamster, etc) because they might think of them as a toy and not an animal.  However, with dogs (big or small) or other cats, Ragdolls usually do great.  In fact, people usually worry more about introducing their kitten to dogs but I find that usually goes better than introducing your kitten to a resident cat.  Typically, as long as the resident dog or cat is not mean to the kitten, the kitten will love them.  You have to imagine, the kitten has just left it's home and it's mom and siblings.  So, they are going to be looking for a companion to play with.

  • How long do Ragdolls live?  

    • Ragdolls have the same life expectancy as any other cat.  They typically live 15-20 years but could live even longer.  And of course, that depends on many things-obtaining your kitten from a good breeder that makes health a priority, keeping up with vet care, and feeding good quality food.

  • How much grooming do Ragdolls need?  

    • Ragdolls don't need a ton of grooming but they do need some.  Again, if you found a breeder or site that said you do not have to groom your Ragdoll at all, that is a bad breeder or misinformed person.  That being said, for a long-haired cat, Ragdolls usually don't need a lot.  If you do a five-minute brushing every day, that should take care of it.  Or, if you can't find the time to do it daily, you may need 30 minutes per week.  But, by that time you may find one or two small mats that need to be removed.  Whereas if you brush for just five minutes per day, it will be easier on you and your kitten and it is unlikely you will find any mats.

  • Why Mini Field Trips with ElleRagdolls?

    • Mini Field Trips are another component that sets ElleRagdolls apart from the rest. Additional fees apply and this an additional experience that is only offered for the clients that have placed a reserve. No exceptions. Please contact us for more details on how you can be apart of this exclusive experience that will last a lifetime within your memories. 

  • Do you ship?  

    • No, because of a recent APHIS/USDA ruling, no breeders are allowed to ship unless they are registered breeders with APHIS.  There may still be a handful that does it.  But, they are taking a big chance and could lose everything if they are caught.  That is not a chance I am willing to take, nor would any good breeder.  You might wonder why breeders don't just register with APHIS.  The reason is that it is impossible for good breeders to meet their requirements.  Their requirements are meant for businesses/kitty mills.  They include things like you have to be home and available for surprise inspections during the day.  Believe it or not, most breeders do not make any money, or at least not enough to live on, from breeding.  So, they have regular everyday jobs and cannot be home all day every day.  Furthermore, it would not be in a breeder's best interest to have visitors like that.  These people would be coming from another cattery (in fact they may have visited several that day) that may or may not have some sort of diseases or illnesses that they would then transfer to your cats and home.  In addition, the rules they have are not meant for homes.  They are meant for kennels.  They include rules such as there cannot be anything in the area that cannot either be thrown in a washing machine or sprayed down with a high powered, hot water spray gun.  So, that means-no couches, no beds, no cat trees, no walls (unless they are concrete), no carpet, no ceiling (again unless it is concrete), etc.  Obviously, these rules are ridiculous for good breeders that raise their kittens in their home.  In fact, any breeder that could abide by these rules is a HORRIBLE breeder.  This is one of those rules that was well-intentioned but in reality, all it did was make it so those good breeders cannot ship kittens.  

  • ElleRagdolls is an international breeder... how do I receive my ElleRagdolls kitten?​ ​​​​

    • Hand-delivery! ElleRagdolls founder Elle, delivers her kittens whether locally, out of state, or internationally. In-flight, your kitten will snuggle up on our laps until they reach your loving arms. Additional fees applied for this service. The client is responsible for flight cost,  $125.00 required airline pet fee, and $80.00 delivery charge. Flight must be paid before the final payment is due. Contact us if you have additional questions. 

  • Final Payment Methods:​  ElleRagdolls accepts Paypal, Zelle, checks, and/or cash for final payments. Credit cards can be used via PayPal for payment or deposits. The ElleRagdolls kitten of choice will need to be paid in full 5 days before go-home when paying through Zelle, check, or Paypal. Paypal charges an additional 9% service fee. The customer is responsible for the service fee if using Paypal. Please note, Additional fees added to final payment which included paperwork processing fee and delivery/pick up. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

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