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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Act Now to Reserve Your Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

There is something truly special about a soft and silky kitty with stunning blue eyes. You want a ragdoll! At ElleRagdolls we breed registered ragdolls at eight different home locations across the state. We often have ragdoll kittens for sale, but they never last long as we specialize in producing gorgeous color points that nobody can resist. Raised in loving homes, at twelve weeks old they are fully prepared to crawl into your lap and love you for life!

Big Fluffy Blue Point Ragdolls for Sale
One of the most popular patterns for ragdolls are color points, where their ears, nose, and tail share a darker color while the rest of the coat is a soft cream or light grey. Color points do not have white in their coat. Our Blue Point Ragdolls for sale share similar coloring with Siamese cats, but only the coloring. They still are huge lap cats that are happy to spend their entire day sharing the couch with you or checking out the birds at the feeder through the window.

Numerous Registered Parents Producing Ragdolls in All Colors
If you are more interested in a mitted, van, or bi-color, it is likely that we will have a kitten just for you! We have eight queens and we generally have a new littler arriving every few months or so. While we may be trying for a little of color points, it is always possible that a ragdoll with white mittens will appear. Give us a ring and let us know what coloring and pattern you desire and we can keep you in mind for future litters.

We accept applications for our ragdoll kittens for sale from across the country! We can accommodate pickup or delivery with the understanding that we will never hand off a kitten to be shipped in a carrier. Extra transportation costs are added to the purchase price.

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