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Certified Registered Cat Breeder

Adopt Only from A Certified Registered Cat Breeder

Are you in search of a properly papered ragdoll kitten? At ElleRagdolls, we encourage all of our adoptive cat-parents to only buy from a certified registered cat breeder like us. When you shop from a reputable breeder, you will have access to the complete genetic and medical history of each cat parent. Our kittens are produced out of eight different queens and we use best practices to find the right registered father for each litter. You get a kitten with robust health and is raised in a clean and supportive environment.

A Cat Breeder that Truly Loves Every Cat and Kitten
We never put our ragdoll cats or kittens into a cage. Our boutique cattery is based out of approved homes where we live with and love all of our breeding mom cats. We maintain active communication with our veterinarian and provide every needed treatment. We take pride in adding all the cat beds, towers, caves, and toys that our furry family demands and always ensure they enjoy a healthy and clean environment. Of course, we handle all our kittens from the day they are born so they learn to look forward to human touch.

Born and Bred in Our Home for a Well Socialized Kitten
Many a cat breeder will have an out-building or kennel where they house their cats and kittens. That is just not an acceptable situation for us. When you breed cats in your home, you are always available to see to their health, comfort, and happiness. Our potential parents can see exactly how their new family member will fit into their home. Our kittens learn how to react without panic to the noises and routines in your home, like the television, vacuum cleaner, video games, and even kids running up the stairs.

If you have your heart set on bringing a ragdoll kitten into your home, please consider adopting from ElleRagdolls, a certified registered cat breeder.

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