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Boutique Cattery

Our Boutique Cattery Delivers the Best Care for Our Ragdoll Kittens

At ElleRagdolls, we go beyond the minimum standards required of a certified registered cattery to bring you the most beautiful and healthy registered ragdoll kittens. While we do have eight gorgeous mom cats, our boutique cattery is operated out of eight different homes across Florida. You will not find any cages, cramped quarters, or multiple litters in our catteries. Only a single mother with the luxurious, clean, and safe conditions required to raise her fluffy and adorable babies.

Bringing Up Kitty in a Certified Registered Cattery
Your ragdoll kitten receives the very best care from the moment they are born. Our birthing boxes have heated pads and soft blankets that are changed out regularly. Once the kittens are mobile, they are weaned onto the best foods recommended by our veterinarian. They learn how to scratch on posts and pads and sleep in soft cat beds. They make regular trips to visit the vet to receive all their shots and for wellness checks. When they are ready to go home, they are at least twelve weeks old and come with a complete genetic history and medical records.

Sweet Personality, Stunning Color Points, and Years of Love Included
What makes a ragdoll cat so special? It starts with their beautiful blue eyes framed in a round face. Color points become bolder as the kitten ages and may not finish filling in until they are two or three years old. Long, silky fur does not have a thick undercoat, so it doesn't require as much attention to stay tangle free. Many people who are allergic to cats do not have as severe a reaction to soft and snuggly ragdolls. Finally, these cats are born and raised to snuggle up in your lap.

Are you interested in bringing home a ragdoll kitten from our boutique cattery? Apply early for an ElleRagdolls kitten as our litters are often sold out before they even arrive. Are you from away? We are happy to coordinate pickup or delivery and can even escort your cat to you in the passenger cabin of a commercial flight.

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